5 reasons why we should use leather goods :

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leather is a one of the most oldest and important materials discovered and used by humans through history,

our ancestors have used Leather to create goods that assure their existence and stand against the harshest elements of nature ( rain, wind, snow, cold, etc) thanks to its high resistance and durability

However, In the present time, we have been able to develop our way of doing things and with the appearance and emergence of the fashion industry, leather is no longer used for protective purposes…

but it became a fabric that we use to create new products and accessories such as leather bags, leather travel bags, leather tote bags, leather belt bags, and so much more!

Unlike other conventional synthetics, Leather is still a very demanded and requested material by pretty much every culture in the world for its variety of benefis undeniable even with the evolution of science and our ability to manufacture materials similar to leather. 

What’s interesting is that nowadays, people tend to buy and wear handmade leather products crafted in traditional processes and techniques.

The question that remains essential to ask is : WHY WE SHOULD USE LEATHER GOODS?

What is so special about these leather goods? Why do people love to buy leather products in today’s world? Is it always because of the fashionist aspect of leather or there are other reasons?

in this blog, we are going to take you in a ride in the world of leather to present 5 main reasons why people use leather goods :

1- Durability

First thing first, Leather is very well known as an ageless material, it is for sure one of the most timeless and durable materials that exist out there.

it has the capacity to withstand the tear and wear and outlives all the other conventional synthetic  material and cotton based clothing.

 It is important to say that there are other types of leather that are FAKE! which obviously they don’t last long due to their low-quality

but genuine leather with high quality is very durable and resistant to tearing, stretching and bending and will last many years and look just as good as the first time you bought it

and this is what makes leather goods appear very expensive, but if you really think about it you will realize that it’s a logical and reasonable investment for the long term and gives you a high return on your funds.

meaning, it’s wiser to buy leather products because they will stay with you for a very long time, holding their value and getting better with age.

instead of buying products that last only a few weeks and you find yourselves buying more and more non-stop! which costs you more than what you think

That’s why our leather manufacturers, at Nasire, try to make the best handmade leather products they could in the most traditional and natural way.

each one of our leather products ( leather crossbody bag, leather belt bag, leather makeup bag, leather tote bag,…) pass by a tanning treatment order to maximize the strength and the resistance of the products  and make them highly durable

2- Elegance :

durability is an important factor that explains why we choose leather products but can’t be senseful if those leather goods lose their elegance over time.

That’s why another reason that drives people to purchase leather goods and accessories is the elegant aspect of these awesome products.

leather can be used for different wear in the fashion industry, for instance, leather bags are utilized during a various seasons and still have this sophisticated and luxurious look

In general, leather goods are always trendy and stylish and they remain steady while other products  come and go from year to year and disappear from the scene of fashion like they had never existed before.

whatever your look-style might be, or even if you are look for a new style of outwear, leather items will fit perfectly with your desire and taste, and you will not be worry about going wrong while you are wearing that type of products

simply because leather will always remain in the trend and thanks to its ability of adding a certain degree of quality to any design  within its natural color or dyed  

We all can agree that Everything looks more stylish and powerful in leather: leather wallets look better than plastic wallets, leather laptop bags look more classy than other laptop bags…

if you are a leather style type of person, be sure that your style will not fade from fashion in just a few years

3- Eco friendly and Natural:

The third reason why people today buy more leather goods is because it’s natural and eco-friendly.

Basically, leather is a 100% natural material that comes usually from the skin of animals such as Cows, sheeps, pigs and goats.

That simply means that the carbon footprint produced in making it is nominal.

people today are more aware about the importance of nature and the environment that we live in, they tend more to be informed about the products they are buying or consuming and their outcomes on the nature

The other materials man-made such as plastic are not biodegradable materials but leather is, to explain the other synthetic materials will reside a long time in a landfill after we gone

and if nature is unable to decompose this kind of substances created by humans,  that can cause environmental problems when it becomes litter like Styrofoam, also known as foamed polystyrene, (non-biodegradable substance)

On the other hand, genuine leather is biodegradable, and goods made from that fibric would not pollute the atmosphere or nature in general.

In short, people feel peaceful and comfortable while wearing leather goods, knowing that they are not hurting the environment.

4- Variety

Another thing that is amazing about leather, is the variety of product ranges.

You can find nowadays every wearable and non-wearable product you can desire in leather, right from leather pants and jacket to leather bags and leather belt bag.

So if you are asking why should I opt for leather?

part of the answer might also be the fact that you can personalize in today’s world whatever product you want in leather.

one more amazing thing about this is the fact that the products that you may want to customize are made in a traditional way by professional manufactures with no chemical treatment, so you will find the best possible quality for any product you want in leather.

Leather gives you various forms of goods and products to suit your various needs and demands.

That’s very important because if you add it to the other reasons mentioned before, you will realize that it brings so much value to your life consumption.

It enables you to be more rational and reasonable in your decision making process and consider many factors before opting for what already exists that is made from other synthetic materials.


5- Easy to clean and to care for

The fifth reason is that leather products are easy to clean and to care for.

this is super important because it saves so much time and effort because it doesn’t require maintenance and It can last for a lifetime, unlike the other synthetic equivalents 

one thing to know is that leather is a breathable material, so all you need to clean it is  a damp cloth just by wiping the surface and you’re done!

leather goods don’t need too much time to be cleaned since it dries quickly after being washed, so you do not  ever need to put it on a radiator to dry it off.

globally, that means that leather bags or leather duffle bags for example do not need any protective layer covering if the leather is genuine.

Leather is very practical and beneficial thanks to the fact that it is also dust ,lint and fungus resistant so you don’t even need to worry about fighting against those things.

A leather bag, a leather handbag, a leather belt, or whatever the product is, with proper care will not fall apart, and the longer you use it, the better it looks.

At this point you absolutely come up to the conclusion that leather items are a decent investment , if you invest in leather, you invest in the future.

If you need a genuine leather product that runs longer, you can check out Nasire Store and see our variety of awesome products

So what are you waiting for, take advantage of it from now!