The most outstanding handmade Moroccan leather bags

Morocco is Known For many Spectacular Things, guarantee to everyone that a journey to this mystical Northern African kingdom would be absolutely a memorable one.

Morocco is a country with gorgeous scenery, fascinating architecture, amazing food and rich culture and heritage of which we find essentially leather goods.

Leather work is one of the oldest traditions of Moroccan craftsmanship and its working techniques vary according to Morocco’s regions.

These techniques offer various articles of leather in different shapes and forms adapted to the historical and cultural context of each region.

Moroccan leather stands out above all by the quality of its texture and its lasting shine.

Whether made of sheep, goat, calf or camel, Moroccan leather lends itself to all uses in genuine leather goods and leather accessories.

Thanks to the hand of meticulous master craftsmen that gives birth to sublime, unique and style creations: leather handbags, travel bags, wallets, belts, tote bags, crossbody bags and other genuine leather products.

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Short History of Morocco’s Leather manufacturing

Historical sources claim that the history of Moroccan leather in reality starts in Nigeria. Goat skins withinside the region has been transported throughout the Sahara to traders withinside the north loads of years ago.

 It’s tough to mention while the goods have been first made however the Chouara Tannery, one of the oldest in Morocco, dates back to the eleventh century.

From the 16th century, leather-based became exported to Europe for luxurious book bindings.

And by the late nineteenth century, sheep and calf skins have been typically used to preserve up with growing demand

The word «Maroquin» is now a common word for leather work.

It dates back in the fourteenth century when we began to hear this term « Maroquin », labeling the leather of goat and sheep tanned or dyed on the side of the hair.

From the treatment of animal skins to the manufacture of leather goods…

Leather industry dates back more than a millennium to the heart of the Medina of Fez, a city located in northern inland Morocco.

What’s special about Morocco’s leather?

Moroccan leather is historically hand-crafted from goatskin.

A mixture of urine, lime, salt and water are used to at the present time to get rid of any hair and transform the hides right into an extra potential material.

The durable end-product is then dyed in a much greater exceptional combination of poppies, saffron and henna for a splash of color.

The goatskins are famed for their smooth experience and visible grain.

Making excellent handicrafts from natural substances is a Berber tradition and has found its manner into the fabric of Moroccan society.

Handmade leather bags, jewelry, carpets, artwork, blankets, clothes and more, are all found on a visit to Morocco.

You won’t observe monochrome in these traditional Moroccan handicrafts; the colorful shades of Moroccan crafts flicker all over the souks throughout the county.

It’s that vibrance that evokes and inspires the incredible tones of the Nasire collection

The practices of the leather industry in Morocco

Moroccan leather is outstanding above all by the exceptional quality of its texture and its lasting shine.

Thanks to the craft of leather craftsman which has been transmitted over generations, while inserting a change of style over time and inspirations.

Each Moroccan city is specialized in a specific kind of production.

You can find entire districts of these cities occupied by tanneries and dedicated to leather work, where the artisan’s tanners work in the pure Moroccan tradition

As mentioned earlier, the manufacture of leather is a tradition rooted in the culture of the largest cities of Morocco and its working techniques vary from region to region.

Thus, the city of Fez is made famous for the making of leather bags for women and men and wallets dyed in green or red and applied with gilding.

In the city of Marrakech, we find out many leather items are embroidered with colored threads or thin strips of skin.

Finally, it is in Rabat that the elegant technique of leather repelling is best illustrated where accessories are made of repulsed leather.

The different types of handmade leather bags

The tanneries of morocco give birth to different types of leather goods.

leather bags for women and bags for men, leather tote bag, leather travel bag, leather laptop bag, shoulder bag and many others ….

They all still come to existence through the same process passed over generations by the master craftsmen or «maâlem» in Arabic.

The historical techniques of working the material are carefully preserved in this place to preserve the quality of the leather products.

In fact, it is important to mention that the hand stitching of individual pieces is a remarkable. A talent that takes many years to master.

Hand stitching calls for precision and frequently expert equipment which make it a tremendously skilled job.

Why you should buy your leather handbag ?

Among the many types of bags available on the market, the leather bag remains a must. It is presented as a “must” in terms of fashion accessories for various reasons.

Whether you are looking for something Durable and Flexible that you can use your leather handbag every single day with no fear of getting it torn…

Or for something Stylish and Elegant that makes you feel the classiest person in the entire meeting room.

With no doubt, during your business trip and all in-between, leather products and accessories are the best choice for you.

When you carry a leather handbag or a shoulder bag, a black leather crossbody bag, or a leather travel bag…

This will complement any outfit and instantly give your look a polished finish and you’d most probably feel the most outstanding person in the room.

Nothing beats leather bags to mark its style while taking advantage of the practical side of the accessory

What are you waiting for? Style your leather bag as you desire and be proud of the expertise and understanding that has gone into creating your amazing piece.

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